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As an exercise physiologist we get asked all sorts of questions, some of our most commonly
asked questions are below – If you have questions that haven’t been answered please get in touch.

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What is the role of an Exercise Physiologist?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are university qualified allied health professionals. They have a diverse range of skills to provide effective evidence-based exercise prescription to aid clientele in the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. An AEP’s aim is to aid quality of life through improving physical function, health or wellness. An exercise physiologist is often part of a multi-disciplinary team who work together to achieve desired outcomes for the client.

When should I see an accredited Exercise Physiologist?

There are a number of reasons why a person may benefit from working with an AEP. GPs often refer to AEPs when their clients have been diagnosed or at risk of developing a chronic condition. Exercise Physiologists give advice on lifestyle modification to improve health and quality of life as well as provide exercise prescription to assist strength and function pre/post surgery. AEPs report back to GPs on your progress and treatment plans for the best possible outcomes for you.

What conditions can you treat?

An Exercise Physiologist’s aim is to enhance quality of life through improving physical function, health or wellness as well as improving outcomes of referred conditions. There is a strong focus on health and physical activity education, advice and support for lifestyle modification with an additional focus on achieving behavioural change. Exercise Physiologist conducted sessions are tailored to each individual to treat a wide range of chronic conditions and concerns including, but not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular conditions: Hypertension, stroke, pacemaker, arrhythmia, heart attack and heart disease.
  • Pulmonary conditions: Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis
  • Metabolic conditions: Type II diabetes, pre-diabetes, dyslipidaemia and obesity
  • Neurological conditions: Chronic fatigue, brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s and chronic pain
  • Musculoskeletal conditions: Including arthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia, acute and/or chronic musculoskeletal issues
  • Mental health conditions: Depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD.
  • Cancer and chronic kidney disease.
  • Pre/post-surgery rehabilitative exercises.
  • Falls prevention and balance improvement.

What if my condition isn’t chronic yet?

A chronic health condition is one that has lasted for longer than 6 months whereas acute/sub-acute injuries are within the first 3-6months of when they began. If your condition isn’t chronic, or you’re unsure of what to do and who to see, it’s best to discuss with your GP or Exercise Physiologist/allied health professional to plan your best course of action. Depending on your needs, recommendations could still be made to work with one or more health professionals/specialists.

Is my consultation covered under Medicare?

You can now receive Medicare rebates for up to 5 sessions with an Exercise Physiologist if you have ongoing health conditions. Just ask your GP!

Your consultation is covered under Medicare on referral from your GP when using a Chronic Disease Management plan (formerly Enhance Primary Care plan). This Chronic Disease management plan enables GPs to plan and coordinate the health care of clients with chronic or terminal medical conditions. This includes clients with chronic conditions who require multidisciplinary, team-based care from a GP and other health or care providers.

Is my Consultation covered under Private Health Insurance?

Did you know that 30 health insurers offer rebates services provided by Exercise Physiologists? No referral needed. Your cover must include exercise physiology and the treatment must be intended to manage or prevent a disease, injury or condition. Find out more from your private health fund to see if your level of cover includes exercise physiology.
Please check this Private Health Insurance factsheet for information on participating Private Health Funds.

Do I need to bring any reports or x-rays with me?

If you have them, yes please! Providing as much information as you can allows us to tailor recommendations more accurately and develop more effective strategies.

What is a group diabetes class?

You can now receive Medicare rebates for up to 8 group sessions with an Exercise Physiologist if you have Type 2 Diabetes. The Type 2 Diabetes group allied health services plan is available for clients with T2DM upon referral from their GP.
The aims of the program are to assist the client in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels (BGLs) and to reduce the possibility of secondary chronic conditions, through individually tailored and supervised exercise. Sessions are bulk-billed and last for one hour and consist of a supervised group exercise session which is designed to be fun and get you on the right path to a better quality of life.

What ages do you treat?

Anyone, young to old with any body type and function level. Anyone can exercise safely.

exercise physiologist - physiologist moreton bay
exercise physiologist - physiologist moreton bay
exercise physiologist clinic - exercise physiologist north lakes

Do I need a referral to come and see you?

Generally, no. However, if you would like to access a Medicare rebate you would need to satisfy those requirements by speaking with your GP to get a Chronic Disease Management referral.

Do you specialise in heart conditions?

Yes, there is significant evidence available to show that exercise is known to benefit people with hypertension, stroke, pacemaker, arrhythmia, heart attack and heart disease in a variety of ways. Because some types of exercise can sometimes place too much load on the heart, it is particularly important to see an exercise physiologist so that you can exercise safely, help your heart condition and improve your quality of life.

Can you tailor a treatment plan for my busy working lifestyle?

Yes, of course! Treatment plans are tailored around your work or other commitments so that you maintain your lifestyle. We work together to ensure that the treatment plan is not only effective but also fits into your life, otherwise it just won’t happen anyway will it?

Do you treat clients undergoing medical treatment elsewhere?

Yes! Understanding your current medical treatment is crucial during the assessment phase. That is why we spend the time listening to your health journey and reading the medical reports that you bring along. A thorough assessment guides your treatment plan. Quite often clients don’t just have one condition that needs to be treated. Let us know when you book if you have a complex care history and require extra assessment time. Taking extra time during assessment gets the best results. Exercise Physiologists regularly work within a multi-disciplinary team to effectively treat client conditions while preventing any counter-productivity.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on the client, condition(s) and commitments. Our aim is for you to safely self-manage your condition with exercise as soon as possible. We provide you with the knowledge and tools to understand the effect of the exercises on your body and your condition. We practice how to complete exercises with correct technique and how to progress/regress exercises confidently and safely. Even our independent clients like to come in for a review every 6mths, just to check their progress, take them to the next level and make sure they are still exercising safely. Getting you to that stage is our success!

Will I have exercises I can take home?

Mostly, yes. Not everyone is a ‘gym person’ and not all exercises are suitable to be completed in a gym setting. Home-based exercises are a major focus for an exercise physiologist, although gym-based exercises may be suitable or requested by some clients. Whether you exercise in a gym or at home you won’t have to challenge your memory to remember all of your exercises and recommendations. Each client is given a comprehensive print-out of all diagrams and descriptions of exercises and recommendations. Some clients are given access to an app which contains their tailored program with videos to make it super easy, just follow along.

I am waiting on surgery, will this help me?

Yes, depending on the type of surgery. Exercise prior to surgery is designed to improve and maintain function as well as speed up your recovery post-operation. These exercises would be tailored specifically to you and your conditions in order to aid your function and quality of life.

How are you different to a personal trainer?

  • AEPs are university qualified through a 4 year minimum degree.
  • There are strict requirements to maintain mandatory accreditation through Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA).
  • AEPs are eligible to register with Medicare Australia, Department of Veterans’ Affairs and WorkCover and are recognised by most private health insurers.
  • AEPs can treat and work with all types of people from apparently healthy individuals wanting to improve their health and well-being, to individuals suffering from a chronic disease, injury or condition wanting to improve their quality of life.

What do I need to wear to my session with you?

Please wear something that isn’t restricting, and you feel comfortable moving in. No dresses please, clients prefer to wear shorts or leggings.  If we are going into the gym, you will require closed-in shoes. You will be notified prior to your appointment if the session may include gym entry.

Active for Life is an exciting, new and holistic Exercise Physiology practice located in the Moreton Bay region of Brisbane. Currently servicing suburbs including surrounding Deception Bay, North Lakes, Redcliffe, Kallangur and more! Active for Life specialises in developing and providing exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programs in order to improve your quality of life.


We love to help and are eagerly waiting to hear from you. If you need to book in for a consultation or would simply like to some more information please give us a call.

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